About Me…

Let’s see… a little bit about me. I’m an author. I used to say I was an aspiring author but at a conference one day, I met someone who told me if I was writing, then I was an author. Just because I’m not published yet doesn’t mean I’m not an author. (The power of positive thinking here) I do plan on being published one day. I am still learning and there is a lot to learn but I will be published.

On a more personal side, I’m married to the most incredible man. He’s my prince charming; the man of my dreams. We have 3 beautiful children, almost all grown, and I’m looking forward to having an empty nest so my husband & I can go riding our motorcycles throughout the country.

I live in New Orleans, LA and LOVE IT! I love the food, the climate, the people. I love playing tourist in my hometown. Everytime someone comes to visit, I get to play tour guide and boy can I talk about my city. It’s a unique place to live. I’m also a true cajun. I can trace my ancestors back to Nova Scotia. One day I plan to visit there.

I have a deep love for Scotland. I was able to visit there for the 1st time last summer and decided that if I ever had to move away from New Orleans, I’d move to Scotland. It’s a magical place with wonderful people. Even though I’d have to suffer with the cold… it’d be worth it.

And then there’s the Saints. The New Orleans Saints football team has been my favorite team since I was a kid. Being here when they won the superbowl this year was a life changing event. Phrases I’ve used all my life I can no longer use. “When the Saints win the Superbowl” was the same as “When hell freezes over” or “When pigs fly”. Well, hell froze and pigs were flying on Feb. 7, 2010. Bless you Boys!

Well, that’s about it for now. I’ll probably come back sometime and make changes. Hope you enjoy my blog and if not, that’s ok. Just find something you do enjoy.

C’est tout!

1 thought on “About Me…”

  1. The very *bestest* of luck my friend and dear PS.
    Enjoy the ride… You are going to have a wonderful success story to tell your g’children one day! 🙂
    LYPS, PAT…