Hello! It’s been a crazy life lately but a good one. Started a new day job and it’s going great but taking a lot of time. Still writing but it’s been slow lately. I do have a blurb though. 1st time I’ve done one that I think works. Still needs tweaking and possibly a rewrite or too and it will probably change as I finish the story but here it is, just because I have it.

Disowned by her father and shunned from society, a woman alone in eighteenth century England doesn’t have many options, but Lissa Bottomley learned to survive. Using the skills she acquired in finishing school along with the memory of her mother’s miserly ideas, Lissa helps society’s matrons plan elaborate parties and balls without the elaborate bills. Satisfied with her life, if not happy, she lives on the fringes of society, ignoring the snide comments from her employers until a chance encounter at a house party changes everything.
James Huntington, newly minted Marquess of Ravenswood, just wanted to be left alone. He barely survived the war and now has to learn to manage properties he never thought to own and arrange a Season for his favorite niece. Love her though he does, he wants to get her married off as soon as her mourning period has ended, so he needs help. While at a house party, he finds the perfect solution. A Lady who can chaperone, arrange a Season and find a suitable spouse for his niece while leaving him out of it.

When Lissa moves in with James and Mavis, attempts on her life start happening and soon James has a new war to fight and he learns that being alone can be just as painful as his war injuries.

C’est tout