Well, the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival starts tomorrow and goes all weekend. It continues the following Thursday thru Sunday for a total of 7 days. And where will I be for all 7 days, at the Fest of course. A friend and I run a drink booth there to help a non-profit organization raise sorely needed funds. I’ve been working at this booth for over 30 years (yes I was just a babe when I started LOL) but running it for the past 6. It’s a lot of hard work but also a lot of fun.

This year the local newspaper is doing a write up on us and our booth so I’ve been talking to the reporter and getting together additional information for her. It’s a little nerve wracking knowing that I’m going to be quoted in the paper for thousands to read. I know, I’m working towards becoming a published writer where many more people have the potential to read my words but with writing, I have time to review what I’ve written and edit it. With this I have to trust the reporter to quote me correctly and hope I don’t give incorrect info.

I am looking forward to the weekend and seeing friends that I only see at the Fest. The music is amazing, the food delicious, and the weather promises to be perfect, what more could I ask for?

Have you gone to any festivals and if so, what is your favorite?

C’est tout,