Well, it’s technically spring but here in New Orleans, the temps have already hit the high 80s and I’m loving it. Hubby & I rode the bikes to a festival last weekend, and it was wonderful. Great ride, great food, great music, a perfect weekend.

I’ve started on a new manuscript. This one is what I call a typical historical. I love historical romance. They were the first books I read for enjoyment. Mom used to give me her’s to read, at least the ones without all the sex because I was 12, and I loved them. Then I found “the good ones”… yep, the ones with the sex scenes that she didn’t want me to read. When she realized I found them she decided to let me read whatever I wanted (I was 13 after all LOL).

So now I’m writing an historical. It’s not giving me as many problems as the paranormal I was working on so that’s great. I really love this couple and their story. They go through some tough times and have a lot to overcome before they can admit their love but they survive and, of course, have that eternally sought after HEA.

Until next time, enjoy the warmer weather and spend some time with those you love.

C’est tout!