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Well, for those who didn’t know, Gorgeous and I went out of town for the evening and visited with one of his old high school friends. I’d never met him or his wife but they were wonderful people and we had a great time. We rode the Harley but unfortunately had a little problem with it so we had to stop at a dealership for repairs which took a few hours. The ride home today was great, no problems, just hit one major rain storm but hey, what’s a little water when you’re riding 🙂

What’s all this have to do with mental notes on plots? Actually, a lot. My i-pod wasn’t charged so I had a lot of quiet time to think about where Annie’s story is going and made a few changes for the next scene. Also have a few new scenes to add too. Now I’m jotting them down since I wasn’t able to write anything while riding on the back of a Harley (haven’t figured that one out yet LOL). Also, Gorgeous was very helpful when I started asking questions about the various Harleys we got to see at the dealership. Annie’s HEA, Royce, rides one on occasion so the information was great. (I now realize Royce was on the wrong bike the whole time, no wonder he didn’t want to ride it)

So I didn’t get to do any writing but did get a lot of information from the hero and heroine so I’m going to get busy tonight and put some of it in the WIP. I hope everyone is having a great weekend and come back soon.

C’est tout!