Well my daughter has moved out and into her 1st place. My older son is leaving next week for college. My youngest is starting high school next year. Life changes fast and no matter how much you believe you are ready for it, you’re not. My husband & I are going from 3 kids to 1 within a month’s time and it’s the strangest thing to me. To know that they won’t be home for a while, if at all. I’ve had times when they were gone to camp for a week or 2 but I always knew they would be home. Now it’s different. On the positive side, hubby and I will be able to take off for weekends on the bikes now and we’re looking forward to that. But I’m a typical mom so I’m going to constantly worry about them for probably the 1st 6 months. Then I’ll only worry every other day LMAO. Well, it’s a new chapter in our lives so here’s to new beginnings!

Also a reminder that Brenda Novak’s auction will be ending soon so make sure you get your bids in. There are some awesome items available.

C’est tout!