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I went to the Jubilee Jambalaya Writer’s Conference yesterday and it was wonderful. The sessions and speakers were fun and informative and I learned a lot. Cherry Adair shared some of her secrets (but we were sworn to secrecy so I can’t share that) and she issued a challenge to those in her class; start and finish a novel between now and the next Jubilee Jambalaya. I need a kick in the butt to get me going so this will work LOL. Of course I need to finish my 1st WIP before I can do this one so here’s to getting busy.

Got to meet with Dawn Chartier and Traci Hall and talk about e-books and e-book publishing. These ladies were very knowledgeable and those of us in their session enjoyed a fun chat with them.

Harley Jane Krozak was the keynote speaker and she gave a great speech with wonderful quotes and helpful insights into writing and how to write “Through the Tough Times”.

I didn’t get to sit in on Heather Graham or Diana Rowland’s sessions but I heard they were awesome. There was also a book signing where I got to meet some of the other authors and see some of my friends signing books and cover cards. One day I hope to be sitting next to them.

There was a 1st page critique for those who wanted to enter. The feedback from 2 agents, an editor, a prolilfic writer, and a book seller/avid reader was great. I received great comments which will be incorporated into my story and it also gave my insight into what they look for in manuscripts.

Then we had a very nice sunset social after where we got to meet and mingle with the authors, agents and editors that were there. Over all a wonderful, intimate conference.

I definitely recommend going to conferences if you can. No matter how big or small they are, you will always learn something that will help you improve your craft.

C’est tout!