Well, I’ve done it and started a blog. It’s probably nothing special to most of you but to me it’s the beginning of “time to get serious”. You see, I’ve been writing for about a year now but I would do some writing, go to some conferences, take some on-line classes and it was all fun. No stress, no pressure, no deadlines… Now it’s time to get serious and set some goals for myself. The 1st of them being FINISH THE WIP!  I’ve been working on the same story for over a year now, using is as a learning piece. Everytime I learn something pertaining to the craft of writing, I’d go back and revise, re-work and edit what I’ve already written. Time to move forward and complete the story. My hero & heroine are tired of just sitting there telling me what happens without me putting it on paper. So goal #1 is to finsh the story. Deadline to finish? July 23, 2010. Before I go to RWA Nationals.

Goal #2, pitch the finished WIP at Nationals. I know this story won’t get requested, published or anything like that but just pitching it would be another step in the learning process. And who knows, maybe by the time I’m finished, it could be half-way decent. 

I’m going to use this blog as a way for me to share what I’ve learned so far, learn from you, and get some help in keeping my butt in the writer’s chair. So here’s to getting serious about writing and enjoying the experience.

C’est tout!